Friday, 4 March 2011

Commonwealth Dinner - 12th March

For our next dinner on Saturday 12th March we will be celebrating Commonwealth Day (which is on 14th March).

Each of the six courses features a cuisine from a country within one of the six regions of the Commonwealth.

As always, dishes are subject to availability of ingredients when I go to my suppliers.

Aperitif - Africa

South African Braai Slap-pap Dumplings
Maize meal dumplings served with a Chakalaka style sauce

Soup Course - Asia

Tomato Rasam
A spicy tomato soup from India

Fish Course - Pacific

Australian Garlic Yabbies
Crayfish in a creamy garlic sauce

Plat Principal - Americas

Canadian Maple Glazed Turkey
with sweet potatoes with bacon & green beans

Dessert - Europe

Maltese Kwarezimal & English Ice Cream
Traditional Maltese Lenten cookies served with an English elderflower & honey ice cream

Coffee - Caribbean

Coffee from the Caribbean served with Jamaican Rum Balls

Click here to book.  Remember, you must let us know at the time of booking if you require a vegetarian or vegan option.

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