Saturday, 4 December 2010

Guest Feedback

Two lovely reviews from some of our guests at last night's Cocktail Dinner event at Annie's:

"We had one of the best nights out ever last night at Annie's Supperclub where the food was confidently delightful but so many other thoughtful touches made for a really special time.

On arrival, Annie's boys took our coats and greeted us with care (we didn't see them until the end of the evening after that but it was great to see them then).

The table was beautifully liad. Food arrived promptly which was great as we had been saving ourselves all day for the menu.

Every one of the 5 (+ gluten free birthday cake) courses was a delight - beautifully designed around the theme, expertly cooked and artistically arranged on the plate.    Annie's introductions to each course were charming and Roarke kept us all feeling relaxed and well looked after.  We laughed and ate and talked around the table until it was well past our bedtimes!  Thank you so much for the whole ensemble!
Adam & Fru Bird"

"We just had the most fantastic time at Annies - a brilliant atmosphere helped by Roarke's ease and skill at 'front of house'.  It was such a thrill for us to be in your house as friends, yet served such amazing, well-thought out, professionally presented food.  Every course was bursting with flavour and I just wanted MORE!

We think you have everything it takes to open a fantastic restaurant (we would support you every other weekend!) and would encourage you to go for it!

Can't wait to come again in January.  Martin & Max"

It is lovely as a host to get that sort of feedback!  We had such an enjoyable evening - it is good to know they all enjoyed it too!


  1. We've now been to eat at Annie's 3 times, so I think it shows that we love it all! The atmosphere, the friendly service and the exquisite food! Will be joining you again soon! Thanks again! Anna

  2. Thanks Anna! We are truly honoured that you keep coming back - love having "regulars" ! Annie x