Sunday, 29 August 2010

Almost There

We have *almost* agreed upon our menu choices for our opening night! What we *have* agreed on is the date, which we will be announcing shortly.

Our opening night will be have a charity element, as 50% of any profit from the evening's donations will be going to a local Bromley good cause - the Hope Foundation.

This initiative was first set up in September 2003 to help needy families and individuals by providing food and other essentials to those in difficulty in the area. Over the years they have connected with a huge number of people including those in extreme poverty, the homeless, those in Hostels and Women’s Refuges and many more who are referred to them.

Referrals come from over 40 statutory and non-statutory agencies primarily in the London Borough of Bromley including:

- Social Services
- Affinity Sutton Housing Support Teams
- The Citizens Advice Bureau
- Youth Offenders Team
- The Children in Need Teams... and many others.

Annie's Supper Club is very pleased to be supporting this very worthwhile local cause.

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