Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Gluten Free Tortilla Wraps

Yesterday I decided to get out the Isobel's Pizza Base Mix that I had stock-piled from Ocado earlier in the month.  I'd first heard about the product from "meeting" Isabel's Free From on Twitter at the last GF Tweet Up and had been pleased to notice that Ocado was stocking the pizza mix.

My original plan was to make pizza for my two youngest (4 and 9 and both gluten free) as a treat whilst their two older brothers were away for the week on camp.  However, being the sort of person I am, I wondered if there was something more interesting I could do with the mix...

I had a look at the Isobel's Kitchen Corner website and found this recipe for Gluten and Wheat Free Tortilla Wraps.  That was EXACTLY the sort of thing I was looking for!

The dough was beyond easy to make and I was impressed both with the smell and texture of it.  The recipe suggested pre-heating a non-stick frying pan until very hot, and then adding the rolled-out dough to cook for a few minutes till it puffed, then turning it over to finish.

Now, one of my essential-items-every-glutenfree-kitchen-should-have is my panini press.  I find it the ideal solution for toasted gf sandwiches (because NO gluten free bread is the shape of "normal" bread and therefore suitable for a normal sandwich toasters), flatbreads, pancakes, and all sorts of other scrummy things.  I decided therefore to try cooking the wraps in the press.

It was a GREAT idea!

I divided the dough into four and rolled each portion out to a 1mm thick round before placing it on the hot press and shutting the lid.  I panicked at first at some of the noises coming out from the press until I remembered the "until it puffs" bit and realised it was the sound of air escaping!  When I opened the press (after 2 minutes) the tortilla had easily doubled in size.  I slid it out and continued to cook the rest of the dough.

I placed them onto my cake rack to allow them to cool.  The wrap was flexible and behaved fairly similarly to a tortilla wrap.  Two of the wraps had overcooked on some of their edges so I tore those bits off to have a taste.

Wow!  Have you ever fried a flour tortilla (pre-glutenfree days of course!)? They taste totally different to tortilla "chips".  Well that is just what the "toasted" wrap tasted like - I would happily have eaten them like that and indeed plan to make some on purpose next time for some serious Mexican food fun!

As for the rest of the wraps, they were delicious.  I had some left over cold chicken which I shredded, added finely chopped spring onion and some mayonnaise mixed with a dollop of sweet chilli sauce.  I placed a generous amount on each wrap and rolled them up.

Hubby is not gluten free and dislikes almost every gluten free bread he's ever tasted (bar just a few that I've made and even then he only likes them fresh from the oven) so the fact that he raved about them tells you something.

To be honest - and other coeliacs will probably recognise this apparent over the top sentimentality - I almost cried at the thought of being able to have a PICNIC with these wraps.  All of a sudden I can take my four children out to a picnic and have "normal" food in front of all their friends.  Nothing odd about these wraps!

If you haven't tried any of the Isobel's products I suggest you remedy that and, just for me, try out the wraps recipe using the pizza dough mix.  I'm pretty confident that you will be impressed!

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