Monday, 4 October 2010

Guy, Fawkes & Spoons Menu

This menu reflects the progress of Guy Fawkes' life - from his birth in Yorkshire, through his time in Spain, ending in the thwarted "gunpowder" plot which is commemorated by the annual bonfire celebrations:


Mini Chestnut Fritters
(vegetarian & vegan)

Glass of Marsala



Bangers & Yorkshire Pud
mini sausages in individual Yorkshire puddings
(vegan sausages available)

Le Plat Principal

Pescado en Papel
Individual parcels of fish in Spanish sauce

served with Chorizo & Onion Potatoes

(veg/vegan option Spanish Chickpea Balls with Spanish Rice)

Le Dessert

Toffee Apple Bonfire
(vegetarian, vegan version available)

with hot chocolate


Le Café

Coffee & Home Made Chocolates
(vegetarian & vegan available)

Please let us know at the time of booking if you require the vegetarian or vegan options.

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  1. No veggie option? :-(

  2. There's ALWAYS a veggie option! I don't tend to put it up until I have interest/bookings from vegetarians or vegans. That way I can tailor the dishes. For example I had an idea of the veggie option for our opening night but when we had a booking, that person didn't eat two of the veg that were in the dish - so I made something completely different to suit them!
    Also, if I had a vegetarian and a vegan book for the same night, I'd sort the dishes out accordingly to please both.
    In this case, the chestnut fritters *are* vegetarian, and the starter for any vegetarians will be made with vegetarian sausages (probably home made). The main course is fish so unless someone still eats fish, I would make a completely seperate dish for them. The pudding and the chocolates are vegetarian - actually the pudding is vegan and the home made chocolate covered mints are also vegan.
    Hope that helps!